HAPI raises Young Global Leaders with its original “Global Sensitive Curriculum”.

HAPI children grow into energetic, easy going and experiential individuals who are expected to play key role in the society.


  • Cultural Sensitive

    Through English Language studies and various cultural programs, HAPI assists  children to grow and learn different cultures, values and traditions. Also, very importantly, HAPI focuses on physical, social and emotional development of children.

  • Identity Sensitive

    HAPI cultivates and promotes harmony among various nationalities. Our students learn to respect each individual’s identity and cultural sensitivity.

  • Sense Sensitive

    HAPI cultivates and strengthen the sense of children through various creative, cognitive and experiential activities. In addition, HAPI supports social interaction and proactive learning experiences among children.


 9:30-  Morning Circle
 10:00-  Morning Class (Reading, Literacy Class, Crafts, Practice for Presentation Day)
 11:00-  Daily Outing/Sports Class
 12:00-  Lunch
 13:00-  Nap (2-3yrs)/ Afternoon Class (4-5yrs)
 14:00-  Snack
 14:30-  Afternoon Class (Dance, Rhythmic, etc)
 15:00-  Returning Home/ Optional Curriculum (English, Yoga, Cultural Studies, Drawing)


In order to create harmonious relationship among different nationalities and cultures HAPI offers various events and workshops for both children and adults!


Please check this page for new events and workshops.

2022 Admission!

AUGUST 31, 2021

2022 Admission!

AUGUST 31, 2021

Harmony Preschool International (HAPI) announces the beginning of admission campaign for the year 2022-23. We thank parents for calling us to inquire about the admission. Please read the following information about admission.


  1. Open School and interview

Starting from September 27th, we welcome parents to visit the school at either 10:30 am or 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


For those parents who cannot come on weekday/s, we will have an Open Day on October 18th (Saturday) from 1 pm to 5 pm.


Parents are requested to bring the child together. Open school day will be held until the end of October.


  1. Age criteria for applying children

Minimum age: 2 years old (on April 2, 2022)

Maximum age: 5 years old (on April 2, 2022)

(The admission of a child will be conditional upon the availability of vacancies in the given age-group.


  1. How to register?

Please send inquiry from “Contact” and send below information:
-You and Your Child Name
-Birthday of your child
-3 dates of possible visiting date
-Contact Number and Mail Address



HAPI is an English-medium multi-cultural preschool that uses “Global Sensitive Curriculum (GSC). Through the use of GSC, we ensure the holistic development of children in terms of physical, emotional, social and academic progress. Additionally, every month we set one country as a topic and conduct classes to learn and explore the chosen country in a fun-manner. Our aim is to grow energetic (たくましい), easy-going (たのしい) and experiential (たくみな) children who will eventually become global leaders.


HAPI management and faculty boosts a great mix of experienced Japanese and international staffs. This team works very diligently to achieve the aims of the school. HAPI children also come from different countries.

Elementary School Class

APRIL 2018

Elementary School Class

APRIL 2018

PRM 2018HAPI starts English class for elementary school kids!
If you are interested, please let us know.

Saturday English Class!

Every Saturday 10AM-

Saturday English Class!

Every Saturday 10AM-


HAPI will start Saturday English Class for Pre-school kids!


Every Saturday
9:45 – 10:30 (3 to 6 yrs)
10:45 – 11:25 (2 yrs)


5,000 yen/Month
5,000 yen/Initial, 2,000 yen/Renewal (Material Fee)




Harmony Preschool International (HAPI)



  • 9:30- 15:00 (Main Class)
  • 15:00- 17:00 (Extra Class)
  • 8:00- 18:00 (Opening Hours)
  • Monday- Friday
  • Holiday… Weekend, Public Holiday, Vacation


  • 2 Years Old to 5 Years Old (At April 1st of the Year)


  • ¥400/day for Lunch and ¥50/day for Snack


  • Please ask for details


  • Admission: ¥50,000 (one time)
  • Renewal: ¥20,000 (annual)
  • Main Class Fees: Varies depend on Age and others. Please ask for the details.
  • We accept students who can attend the classes for more than 3 days a week for 2 Years, and 4 days a week for 3-5 Years.
  • Additional Fee is charged for 2 Years Class


To contact us, please use the contact details below.

Phone: 03-6240-1777


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