HAPI raises Young Global Leaders with its original “global sensitive curriculum”.

By joining HAPI, children grow Energetic, Easy Going, and Experiential Leaders that strive to play a key role in the society.


  • Cultural Sensitive

    Through English and various cultural programs, HAPI assists  children to grow and learn different cultures, values and traditions. To flourish in global world, HAPI also focuses on physical, social and emotional development of children.

  • Identity Sensitive

    HAPI creates harmony among various nationalities, and at the same time, respects each individual’s identity and cultural sensitivity.

  • Sense Sensitive

    HAPI cultivates the sense of the children by various creative, cognitive and experiential activities. In addition, HAPI supports development of active participation, social interaction and learning experiences among children.

How to become a Young Global Leader?

  • kids-energetic


    Focusing on physical development, ethics and discipline by everyday gymnastics, outdoor plays and outing activities.

  • kids-easygoing


    Developing global communication, social and emotional skills by language lessons and monthly cultural programs.

  • kids-experiential


    Cultivating creativity and innovation by experiential activities, such as math and science, visual arts, music, crafting and construction.

Future Young Global Leader